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Gospel Magic Shows

Combining 10 years of performing magic and 20 years as a minster to children and youth at three different churches, I have developed a Gospel magic show.  

Gospel Magic Shows
include tricks or illusions that illustrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ or that may teach a biblical truth.

My Gospel show is 30-35 minutes in duration and begins with an explanation of the fact that I am not really a magician and what I do is not really magic. I go on to explain that what I do is slight of hand and illusion. It includes 3 Gospel effects in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly presented. One illusion, in which three ropes that are different lengths become the same length, illustrates the truth that “…all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God.”  Romans 3:23 The next Gospel illusion is a jumbo card trick that teaches the truth that if we trade Christ for money in the end we are left with nothing. In my third and final Gospel illustration a shoelace changes color from white to black and a red lace appears all of which transform into the original white lace illustrating our need for the blood of Jesus as our atonement (at-one-ment).

recent places I have performed include:  
Shenandoah Baptist Church Roanoke VA,         Awana Box car derby      
Clearbrook Baptist Church Roanoke, VA           Fall Festival               
First Evangelical Methodist Church Salem, VA   Back-to-School Bash  

References upon request...

Also, I  speak to youth, children and adults at camps, youth revivals, and youth group services with and without illusions.     

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